Anna and Bernardo have thought about how to make the most of their land,
every guest is free to choose how to explore it and how to enjoy it,
every experience is a small step towards the desire to return to Montalcino.

His Majesty Brunello
Wine tasting

approximately 1 hour

A journey along the path of Sangiovese, from the soil to the bottle and, finally, to the glass.

Available by request: Light Lunch.

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The Bishop’s pleasures
Wine tasting and tasting course

approximately 1-3 hours
Discover wine tasting with an FIS sommelier, exploring the great reds of Montalcino.

A delicious addition: learn how to pair food and wine.

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The laden table
Cooking class

approximately 1 hour
A journey through the recipes of Tuscan tradition, led by skilled local cooks.
The discovery of pairing with Villa Le Prata wines.

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Stories of Brunello
Cellar tour

approximately 4 hours
A tour of Brunello, welcomed by three Montalcino wineries, culminating in a final pleasure.
From bunches of Brunello to Grappolo Blu, a legendary meeting place in Montalcino.

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The valley of beauty
Guided tour

approximately 4 hours
Discover the Val d'Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a local guide: Pienza, Bagno Vignoni and the grand finale: lunch at Osteria Porcellum.

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In search of treasure
Journey through the Crete Senesi

approximately 4 hours
The tour of the valleys north of Val D'Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in search of white truffles.
Beauty and the delights of the palate, in a single embrace.

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Strength and pleasure
e-bike rental

Half or full day
The freedom of cycling without the hard work, exploring the Montalcino hills.
A private local guide is available by request.
For everyone: a traditional lunch at the agri-restaurant "Il Pelo nell'Uovo".

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The woods by night
e-bike tour at sunset

approximately 3 hours
End the day with one last pleasure: watching the animals in our woods.
Finishing off with a special treat: a barbecue at the winery.

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Slow progress
Horse-riding outing

approximately 4 hours
Horse riding through our hills, exploring a countryside that still knows how to be wild.
Finishing off with a special treat: a barbecue at the winery.

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The panoramic pass
Quad Tour

approximately 2 hours
Mediterranean scrub, woods, the "calanchi" badlands and the "crete": discover them all with a local guide.
From Quad to glass in an instant.

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The spirit of the park
Yoga class

approximately 1 hour
An exclusive moment in the silence of the garden, on the lawn that opens onto the vineyards.
The search for inner balance in contact with the land of perfect balance.

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You only have one
Body treatment experiences

approximately 1 hour
Devote a parenthesis during your stay to something that is with you every day of your life: your body.
The Residence offers a Personal Trainer, Pilates and Body-flying sessions and massages in your room or in the vineyard.

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Inside the Palio, inside history
Contrade tour

approximately 4 hours
The magic of Siena: over 600 years of stories, rivalry, and rituals of the oldest race in the world.
A guided tour of the lanes and majesty of Siena.

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